This was scripted in C# and is being used in a project as an aspect in our Aggro detection system.


I created a system for a client that allows for “targeting” similar to Fallout, where if your crosshairs are over the NPC then their name will pop up. I also created a system for fully¬†customizable¬†conversations that can be chained how ever you want and it also allows for scripts to be opened on certain replys (great for shopkeepers or something). The conversations is 100% customizable and allows for different textures, that is why my version is kind of odd looking because I am not a texture artist. All of this was done in C#.ImageImage

This Unity Script was programmed in c#.
The purpose was to create a script that could change an object’s pivot point without having to open up a 3rd party application. I also released this Open Source to the Unity Community.
The code can be found on the Unity Forum Thread, here.